Nicki Minaj To Be An “X Factor” Judge? The Show’s Rumored Panelists.

Back in the fall, rumors circulated that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were being tapped as the new judges for “American Idol.” The choices seemed random and people denied, denied, denied the reports. And then it turned out that the two new judges were … Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. So we’re paying a little more attention to the rumors surrounding who will be joining Simon Cowell on the judging panel for his new show—technically a British import—”The X Factor.” The latest name to enter the race? Nicki Minaj. Sources say that she is in talks to join the series and that producers hope she will bring a youthful vibe to the show. [Huffington Post]

So will Nicki be sitting next to Simon on the panel? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. After the jump, more folks who may or may not become “X Factor” judges.

  • Jessica Simpson is supposedly one of the producer’s top picks. “She knows what she is talking about [and] is talented and likable,” a source said. “But Simon’s not in a rush to decide. The judges have to mentor on ‘The X Factor’ – it’s more than just turning up for a few hours a week to appear on TV.” Jessica denied the rumor, but that doesn’t mean that much. See above. [People]
  • Back in February, the word on the street was that Lindsay Lohan would be a judge. “Simon wants him and three beautiful girls on the panel. He will sit there like the cat that got the cream,” a source said. Simon, naturally, denied this rumor. [Reality Blurred]
  • Even before then, Will Smith was said to be close to signing on for the show. Though that chatter has certainly died down. [MTV]
  • Totally misunderstood Taylor Momsen could be a panelist, too. Sources say she would be brought in to be “hip and edgy.” [Extra]
  • Simon Cowell confirmed that he has been talking to Paula Abdul about the possibility of being a judge on the show. Just like old times. [Access Hollywood]
  • Other names Simon says he has his eye on: George Michael, Nicole Scherzinger, and Mariah Carey. [Access Hollywood]
  • LA Reid, the former chairman of Def Jam Records, is the guy who signed Jay-Z, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, The Killers, Kanye West, and Justin Bieber. In other words, he has pretty spot-on taste for who is going to make it big. So it makes sense that he is the first person who has officially signed on the dotted line to be an “X Factor” panelist. [Huffington Post]

Who here would you like to see on the show?