Beauty Test Drive: Does The Smashbox Glambox Really Make You Sultry And Sweet?

Take a good look at those two faces above. That beautiful model is rocking Smashbox’s “Glambox,” a full collection of makeup that’s supposed to allow you to complete both a “sultry” and a “sweet” look, as pictured above. I am always a little wary of do-it-yourself kits that claim you can look just like a model. After all, we’re all very aware of how much Photoshopping goes into selling us every product under the sun. So we put the collection to the test. Using the handy guide provided in the kit, my friends Abby and Heidi graciously agreed to see if the Glambox really delivers. After the jump, check out their versions of “sultry” and “sweet” and get the lowdown on how their step-by-step process really went.


I followed the directions, but I don’t think my makeup came out looking like the model’s. The instructions call for simply wearing a clear gloss on your lip, but that model definitely has more than that on. I like the idea of the kit, but you’re still going to need more products to achieve her look — like a good concealer and a foundation. But it does give you easy guidelines.


The kit does give you easy directions on how to achieve the “sultry” look, but one area where it fails — the instructions reference specific Smashbox makeup brushes, but the brushes don’t come included in the kit, so you kind of have to improvise with what you have.

The kit works, mostly! And it has a lot of great Smashbox products. But you’ll probably want to make sure you have a decent concealer, and a great set of brushes before you start.