Ask The Man Panel: Black Halo’s Paris Sheath Dress

This colorful dress seems the epitome of sexy style, but what do guys think of it? We asked the man panel to weigh in on this Black Halo Paris Sheath Dress; it turns out guys kinda sorta like dresses that remind them of Tetris. And if you’ve got an item you’re dying for the man panel’s opinion on, {encode=”[email protected]” title=”email us a link”}! Ryan, 32: Damn girl, you look like a video game! No, no, that’s a GOOD thing!

Jason, 30: Any girl who is fashion forward enough in her thinking to compromise her impending trust fund by unleashing her first semester at FIT design skills on her grandfather’s prized Piet Mondrian clearly deserves a night on the town.
Mike, 32: Inspired by when your parents dropped a tab and painted this on their naked bodies at that music festival. Things were so simple back then.

Frank, 28: Just because you put “Paris” in the name does not atone for the “Jersey Shore” faux-airbrushed color blocks.

Andy, 30: Excuse me sir, could you help me? I would like to look like a casino hostess in a $375 dress.

Mike, 32: Dios Mio! Colorful. She is def not an Atheist nor a beer drinker.

Ryan, 32: She is totally pretty psyched on new wave and the French avant-garde but really loves Oakley Blades and giving hand jobs to Major League Baseball rookies.

Jeff, 33: DOO doo dee DOO doo dee DOO doo dee DOO … oh, sorry, the Tetris music just came into my head for some reason. What was the question again?

James, 29: I like this dress, or maybe I just like the model.

Jeffery, 30: Dear blog readers: go to the website where this dress is located, zoom in on the first view and crop the zoom view roughly from bust to navel, then look at the pattern on the dress. It looks like a Pop Art version of the skull from The Punisher comic. A+++!!!!!!!!!!!
Gabriel, 35: Weird and distracting. The sort of thing people with no sense of taste think is “daring” and “fashion forward.” I mean, just imagine the position you’d be putting a poor dude like me in if you showed up in that on a date. Of course I’m going to say it’s “lovely” or “stunning” or “you look wonderful” in it. I mean what am I supposed to do, be honest and say that the dress is wearing you?