Today’s Lady News: “Unfollow Charlie” Sheen Tees Will Raise Money For RAINN

  • Courtesy of women’s rights activists, “Unfollow Charlie” tees are for sale on — in reference to actor/domestic abuser Charlie Sheen’s Twitter — and proceeds will go to the Rape, Abuse Incest National Network. I love it! [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • The New York Times turns a keen, lustful journalistic eye to the “lesbian until graduation” college girl phenomenon. [NY Times]
  • Why aren’t there more female airline pilots? Because they’ll get their period and crash the plane, duh. [CNN]
  • Ever wondered if it was an insult when someone called you a “breeder”? (It is.) Check out this official lesbian dictionary of “lezicon” from the chicks at After Ellen and tonight you can go call someone a “beersexual”! [After Ellen]

  • Golfer Elaine Joyce of Massachusetts has won $15,000 in a sexual discrimination lawsuit against a public golf course that would not let her play as a partner with her father in a men’s competition. [Golf Online]
  • The USDA has promised $1.3 billion in compensation for female farmers, as well as Hispanics, as both groups have claimed discrimination when applying for USDA farm loans. [Boonville Daily News]
  • Women, gays and blacks are still shown as stereotypes on film. You don’t say! [Guardian UK]
  • Are biracial and other “exotic” women the new beauty ideal? [The Grio]
  • How to get over any anxiety of nursing in public. [Madame Noire]
  • Why is saving NPR from being defunded by Congress a feminist issue? [Sexy Feminist]


  • An elderly woman in a London suburb was caught keeping a Tanzanian woman in her home and working her like a slave. [BBC]
  • Meet the women who brave gunfire and curfews in an a Cote d’Ivoire food market to provide for their families. [All Africa]
  • Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has cut the women’s varsity hockey team from their budget. [Chronicle Herald]