10 Things A Guy Could Say That Would Make Us Run For The Hills

We were just waiting for Emily Maynard to jump from “BachelorBrad Womack’s loveboat. His “I’m a perfect guy now” facade was crumbling by the second during the finale. What was her first hint? When he got angry at her for questioning that his desire to be a father to her daughter was enough? How dare she! Or was it when Brad’s brother warned her “not to poke the bear”? If there’s a bear within capable of being provoked, you best believe we’re not sticking around to make its acquaintance. We’re glad Emily decided very wisely not to walk down the aisle — at least for now. After the jump, some things a guy could say that would make us hightail it in the opposite direction. Add yours in the comments.

  1. “My ex is crazy” or “My ex has a restraining order against me.”
  2. “I sell drugs.
  3. “I don’t date girls who aren’t fully waxed.”
  4. “I’m always right.”
  5. “Sometimes I have violent thoughts.”
  6. “Making money is the most important thing to me.”
  7. “Paris Hilton is my ideal woman.”
  8. “I’m a Scientologist.”
  9. “Why don’t you dress sexier?”
  10. Ever calling me a “c**t.”