40+ People, Places & Things We Have To Thank On Our 3rd Birthday

Psst! Today — yes, St. Patrick’s Day — is The Frisky’s 3rd birthday! On March 17, 2008, The Frisky launched with only our friends and family as readers — three years later, we’re extremely proud of and humbled by our success. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the people, places, and things that have contributed to making The Frisky what it is today. In no particular order…

  1. John DeVore for writing 143 truly hilarious, smart, and thoughtful “Mind of Man” columns, recommending me for this job in the first place, and for being the best guy friend a gal could ask for.
  2. Kiki T. for peering into the stars and delivering spot-on Friskyscopes every week, not to mention our yearly AstroGuide. And thank you to your mom and dad for copulating when they did so that we ended up with the same birthday.
  3. My ex-fiance for, oh goodness, convincing me I could do this job and then being so amenable to me writing about our breakup. Not that I gave him a choice, but still, it was appreciated. That was a LOT of material.
  4. All the other dudes I dated and slept with for providing me with so much to write about, even when they would have rather I didn’t. Sorry dudes. Sort of.
  5. Diet Coke, for the fuel.
  6. Adderall, for keeping my ADD in check.
  7. All of our past full-time Frisky staffers, including Catherine Strawn, Simcha Whitehill, and Emily Poster (the original crew), Annika Harris, Erin Flaherty, Susannah Breslin, Wendy Atterberry, and Joanne Hinkel. Also, our entire behind the scenes team over the years — Mina Lux, John Wooden, Lea Ann Leming, Guhan Selvaretnum, Sophie Leon, Kim Willis, Raja Kapur, Rainbow Kirby, Sean Phillips, Joe Fish, and Kim Martin, amongst them.
  8. Dear Wendy, for the consistently spot-on advice.
  9. Every single person who’s ever contributed to The Frisky, but in particular, Judy McGuire, Olivia Allin, Leonora Epstein, Kelli Bender, Lily Q, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Steph Auteri, Nikki Dowling, Winona Dimeo-Ediger, and Carrie Morrissey.
  10. Dater X, for letting us into the ups and downs of dating in Manhattan.
  11. The Young One, for being Dater X’s prolific commenters. You make us laugh, you make us scream, and you keep us on our toes. Thank you, thank you, thank you.