10 Reasons To Nab Yourself A Younger Man

‘ve always assumed that in my single hunt, I should be aiming high. And when I say “high,” I mean “older.” People love to tell me how I need an older, more mature man to appreciate me. And admittedly, I have been a somewhat ageist dater. But lately, many of my single lady friends are being appreciated by some stellar, younger guys. They say that once you go young, you never go back. Maybe I should rethink the age of my target audience. I’ve asked them why they like their younger guys so much. After the jump, some positives about dating a younger dude.

  1. They’re not set in their ways and jaded yet. They still believe in love and believe they can fall into it with you.
  2. They say things like, “I want you to teach me” … in bed.
  3. Speaking of bed … they are in their sexual prime!
  4. They don’t compare their career success to yours the way someone the same age or older might. In other words, they won’t be intimidated if you are more successful than them.
  5. They’re more social. They have the energy to go to parties, shows, etc.
  6. They believe you know what you are doing in relationships, even if you don’t.
  7. They’re less likely to have that weird perception that you are pushing them toward marriage and children. “I think older guys assume this is because somewhere deep down they feel it—and then project it onto you.”
  8. They’ll stay at your place more because it’s bound to be nicer.
  9. They haven’t yet reached that terrible early-30s stage of permanent bachelor-dom that afflict so many dudes “in their prime.” “Like, they are more likely to be open-minded to something serious developing.”
  10. They think of you as “wise.” Ha!