The Average Woman Owns 17 Pairs Of Heels: True Or False?

Imelda Marcos would be so disappointed: the average American woman owns 17 pairs of high heels, according to survey of 1,000 women about shoes in ShopSmart magazine. Women bought an average of three pairs each year and while the likes of Imelda and Carrie Bradshaw spend $600 or more on designer heels, the average woman spends $49 on new kicks. Only 31 percent said they spent over $100 on a single pairs of shoes. Seven pairs of heels seems like a lot to me and, indeed, it is! I tallied up the heels in my closet, including a fab pair of high heeled boots, and found 13 pairs of high heels that I wear regularly. (Though it should be noted that in the aftermath of my breakup, I bought three pairs of heels in the span of, like, two weeks.) I checked with the rest of the Frisky staff and they’re similar: Julie’s got 13 heels, Amelia’s got nine heels, and Kate’s only got seven pairs that we regularly rock. Failures as women, all of us! [Daily Mail UK]