Quickies: Katy Perry’s Mom To Write Tell-All Book

Jessica Wakeman | March 16, 2011 - 7:00 pm
  • Katy Perry’s mom is writing a tell-on book on her Christian ministry her famous daughter. The bombshell, apparently, is that Katy’s mama “disagrees with a lot of choices [Katy] makes in her career.” You mean her mother isn’t proud her daughter’s shooting whipped cream out of her bra? That’s just crazy. [Oh No They Didn’t!]
  • Kurt and Blaine finally kissed on “Glee”! Squeeee! [Celebuzz]
  • Reese Witherspoon is marrying her longtime boyfriend, agent Jim Toth, on March 26 at her California home. Aww! [Radar Online]
  • Facebook has blocked a company from selling a Mark Zuckerberg action figure. Instead, you’ll have to find your Ken doll a tiny tee shirt and zip-up hoodie. [Oh No They Didn’t!]

  • Hugh Dancy received a vibrator at a read-through for “Hysteria,” his new movie with Maggie Gyllenhaal, about the invention of the beloved vibe. Hugh was gifted a “vibrating bean,” to be exact. Hmm, I think Amelia has that one. [A vibrating lima bean, to be specific. — Editor] [NYmag.com]
  • Rihanna cried to a Vogue reporter while talking about her rocky relationship with her dad, Ronald Fenty. Daddy issues, party of one! [Radar Online]
  • “American Pie”’s Seann William Scott checked into rehab. No, Stiffler, not you, too! [The Superficial]
  • Eva Longoria celebrated her 36th birthday yesterday at … the Little Mermaid ride at Disney Land. Um, sure. [Celebuzz]
  • Did you know Bradley Cooper was once married for four months to actress Jennifer Esposito? [Yes. — Editor] Meh, I’d still do him. [Celebuzz]
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton have requested no wedding gifts at their impending nuptials and instead have selected 26 charities for guests to make donations to instead. [Huffington Post]
  • Check out a PSA from Maci, Farrah and Chelsea of “Teen Mom” warning you not to become a teen mom. [Seventeen]
  • NBC is casting for a new fashion reality show, tentatively called “The Fashion Project.” God, do we really need another one? [Oh No They Didn’t!]
  • Whoa. Here’s a naked pic of Sammi from “Jersey Shore” that shows everything her gynecologist sees. Definitely, majorly NSFW. [Oh No They Didn’t!]
  • How much do I love this couple who recreates images from the cover of romance novels? [Crushable]
  • You’ve heard of the “man cave”? Well, I’m all about the “mom cave.” [The Gloss]
  • PennyChic, a personal style blog, is on a mission to make Walmart clothing look trés, trés chic. [Styleite]
  • Here’s some common shopping pitfalls —and how to avoid them! [Already Pretty]