Does Your Ex “Owe” You Something After A Nasty Breakup?

I usually don’t find myself cheering for lawsuits, but this one is an exception: a jilted bride from Chicago is suing her ex-fiancé for the costs of the wedding after he cheated on her at his Las Vegas during his bachelor party and then called the wedding off when he got caught.

Pardon my ’90s expression, but “You go, girl!”After discovering he’d screwed another chick in Vegas during his bachelor party, Lauren Serafin of Chicago is suing her ex-fiancé, Robert Leighton, for a cool $62,814 — the cost of their cancelled wedding and honeymoon.

According to Lauren’s lawsuit, while celebrating his bachelor party in Vegas in August 2010, Robert allegedly met a woman named Danielle at a nightclub and they went back to a hotel room for sex. But like an idiot, this chick had Robert’s cell phone number and she started texting him. Four days after Robert had returned home from his bachelor weekend, Lauren discovered texts from Danielle on his cell phone. Robert denied cheating at first — sigh, they always do! — but then told Lauren he was calling the wedding off. (Lauren somehow communicated with Danielle also, and she claimed Robert had never even mentioned he’d been engaged. Klassy!)

Lauren had a lot to be pissed about. The Ritz-Carlton had been reserved. So had a $7,000 honeymoon to Bora Bora. They also has to humiliatingly explain to 170 guests why the big day had been called off. So she’s suing Robert for “breach of promise” to recoup costs on her $5,000 gown, invitations, a photographer, bridesmaids’ and flower girls’ dresses, a florist, and a band reservation.

Some may think Lauren Serafin’s lawsuit is spiteful. But I want to send this girl a round of drinks! Look at a wedding like an investment: this couple sunk over $60,000 into the big day and he rendered it all completely worthless by cheating. I’ll concede it’s not entirely fair for him to pay back costs that can be reimbursed — bridesmaids’ dresses, I’m assuming, can be returned, provided they weren’t tailored? But there are other expenses, like the invitations, that are just plain down the tubes. I’ll leave to a judge to figure out what Robert actually owes his jilted bride, but as far as I’m concerned, he “owes” her every penny — especially her or her family’s pennies — that can’t be reimbursed.

I speak from a little bit of experience on this. When Ex-Mr. Jessica and I broke up and I moved out, divvying up what belonged to who and who “owed” who what got predictably messy. (We didn’t share a bank account and I thank God every day for that!) He’d brought the majority of the furniture into our apartment, so I obviously didn’t touch that; I did take about half of the home decorating items that I’d purchased with my own money while we’d been living together and left the rest with him. It was the Christmas presents where things really got ugly: some of you may remember he had given me a pair of $600 Louboutin heels for Christmas and I had given him a set of seven gently used copper pots that I’d bought off Etsy.

I wanted the copper pots back with a blood lust. I’d spent hours, elbows deep in the sink, polishing and washing all seven of those f**kers. Ad I gave them to him because I knew he would love them. He had always drooled over the copper pots at Williams-Sonoma and when he opened up a set of seven pots on Christmas Day, he was like a four-year-old getting the Zhu Zhu pet she’s been dying to have. And I felt so good giving the guy I loved this amazing gift.

But after the epically craptastic way that Ex-Mr. Jessica dumped me (including my discovery of flirty emails and photos he’d been sending to some chick in Boston), he was keeping those pots over my dead body.

The trouble is that when I took the pots back when I moved out, Ex-Mr. Jessica flipped out that I didn’t leave his Christmas gift to me — the Louboutin heels — behind. The way I saw it, I should get to keep them because I wasn’t the one who’d done anything wrong. I wasn’t the one who got caught. I wasn’t the one who temporarily screwed up another person’s life. Besides, what was he going to with a used pair of women’s high heels?

To make a long story short, I got the heels, the pots and the iPad (although he kept my rent check for the month of January to offset the cost of the latter, which I think was fair). I don’t regret getting all three of those things at all! In the several months that followed in which I’ve been stuck at my parents’ place in the suburbs while I save money for a new place, I’ve used the iPad every single day and I’ve used the copper pots probably two dozen times to cook dinner.

At the time of the breakup, some Frisky commentors accused me of acting out of spite by “not getting mad but getting everything.” But I didn’t see it that way at all: I saw myself instead as some kind of breakup girl vigilante pursuing justice in the face of heartbreak. I wasn’t looking for monetary retribution; I was looking for emotional retribution. It is a fact of my personality that I don’t like to be f**ked with. When someone does f**k with me, I don’t roll over and take it. That, I would argue, is what I did.

And that, I would argue, is what Lauren Serafin is doing. I’m sure her douchebag ex-fiancé is calling her every name in the book right now — been there, done that — but, really, who cares what he thinks?

I’ve got your back, sister.

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