7 Pieces Of Advice I Made Up For Myself

There’s an interesting piece over at, uh, MarloThomas.com written by Gloria Steinem called “The Top 10 Pieces of Advice I Just Made Up for Myself,” in which the feminist icon shares her own pearls of wisdom about religion, world peace, and laughter. I liked the concept so much, I decided I would share the advice I’ve made up for myself with you! And please, share your made-up advice in the comments! Maybe it’ll be just what one of your fellow Frisky readers needs to hear… 1. Server issues are not worth crying over. I’ve been repeating this one over and over to myself today, as The Frisky is experiencing some issues as a result of switching servers. Server issues give me a mad case of the stabbies, but they shall not provoke tears! I save the waterworks for truly important things, like reading about Ryan Gosling dating … anyone.

2. When in doubt, ask, “What would Coach and Tammy Taylor do?” I’m a huge fan of “Friday Night Lights” for one obvious reason — the hotness that is Tim Riggins. But I am also a huge fan for one less obvious reasons — Coach and Tammy Taylor are such excellent examples of how to inspire, challenge, and earn respect from those around you. Yes, I realize they are fictional characters, but I often find myself thinking about how they would handle particularly difficult situations I encounter, especially at work. (Neither Coach nor Tammy would cry about server issues, for the record.)

3. Love means never feeling like you might scare someone away. This is a recent piece of advice I’ve developed and given myself, after having a rough time dating, taking a bit of a sabbatical, and then finally meeting someone awesome. I’ve always been an intense person, in that I know what I want in life, am strong in my opinions, and am generally very open with my emotions. I’ve never seen these qualities as being negative, but it started to feel like they could be as the men I met, dated, and slept with indicated they wanted more shallow interactions. As a result, I’ve felt paranoid about being my true, full self because it seemed to scare them. But, as Ronnie from “Jersey Shore” would say, “I’ve got to do me.” I’m glad to have met someone who shares my intensity and is turned on by it. No matter what happens — still not talking details, Nosy Nellies! — I think the experience has made me realize how much I need to have that in common with the person I’m with.

4. Hot sauce makes (almost) everything better. Soup. Eggs. Sandwiches. Chicken. Roasted potatoes. But not yogurt. Definitely not yogurt. Unless you’re making a yogurt dipping sauce for lamb or something. Then hot sauce would be good.

5. Believe the lie. I don’t lie very often. But when I do — and I usually have a decent reason — I make sure that the lie I’m telling is rooted in some sort of truth. Because then I kind of believe the lie I’m telling and, thus, the people I am lying to are more likely to believe it too. For example:

Lie #1: “Jim Morrison could totally be my dad.”
Nugget of truth: My mom actually did meet Jim Morrison twice over the course of her life, including when she sold him incense at a head shop. Therefore, it is not impossible that she may have slept with him, saved his sperm, and then used it to get knocked up with me in 1979, years after he died.

Lie #2: “I’m so sorry, I can’t come to your birthday party — I have the flu and, not to be gross, but my diarrhea is out of control.”
Nugget of truth: I do have diarrhea! But not because i have the flu. I went out and got wasted last night, knowing I was supposed to go to your birthday party tonight, but now I’ve got the beer s**ts. Oops!

6. Don’t date men who love Ayn Rand. If I have to explain it, you’re probably an Ayn Rand fan and I don’t want to insult you.

7. Go to yoga, you lazy girl, you always feel awesome after. I rarely engage in any physical activity — except for sex — without a lot of prodding, but this really is true. The post-yoga glow is worth it every single time.