Is Posting YouTube Vids Of Your Pregnancy Test Sweet Or Creepy?

Taking a pregnancy test isn’t glamorous. There’s the peeing part, of course, then the waiting, then the rush of emotions that comes when the pink or blue line—or plus or minus sign or whatever—pops into view. One would think women would want this to remain a private moment, like most things that take place in the bathroom should be. But that is just not the case. Many women are recording themselves taking pregnancy tests and posting the vids on YouTube. Even stranger—thousands of people are watching said videos. has dubbed this phenomenon WombTube. Some WombTube videos resemble video diaries, with a woman parsing out her emotions at the idea of being pregnant or not pregnant. (Generally, the women posting these vids are firmly in the “want to be pregnant” camp.) There are often tears, hysterical laughing, or mild disappointment depending on the results. Spouses often appear in these videos, too. Other videos are more anonymous—they don’t show a person at all, instead focusing on the cup o’ urine and the changing markings on the end of the test stick.

Posting pregnancy test videos, of course, brings up some issues. Is it wise to tell people about your pregnancy so soon? After all, these videos are taken far before the first trimester mark. And then there’s the conundrum of posting such a thing where anyone can see it. I mean, wouldn’t you want to call your mom first?

What do you think—is this a good way for women who are trying to conceive to bond? Or is this insane TMI and just another way for women to obsess about fertility?

And now, I just have to ask—what’s next? Women recording themselves taking their daily birth control pill?