Brad And Emily, And Other “Bachelor” Couples Who Were Over Before “After The Final Rose” Even Aired

Last night’s season finale of “The Bachelor” was an incredible letdown. I felt pretty sure a few weeks back, when Brad Womack and Emily Maynard landed on their own private island and he broke into hives while trying to tell her how much he cared about her, that Emily would be his choice in the end. As expected, Brad let Chantal go in a burst of tears and then got down on one knee and slipped a big, glittering diamond on Emily’s finger. “I’ve wanted to tell you I’ve loved you for so long,” he said, before telling her she’s “the one.” Big duh.

But then came the “After the Final Rose” ceremony. And all I can say was that, man, was it uncomfortable to watch.

After sitting down to talk with Chantal, Brad dropped a bombshell on Chris Harrison—that he and Emily’s relationship has been a “rollercoaster” while the show aired and that Emily had left him at one point, saying, “I just can’t do it.” He said they are still together and engaged, but the wedding is on hold. Then Emily came out and things seemed even worse than Brad had presented. The two looked downright icy sitting next to each other on the couch. “It’s certainly not all roses,” said Emily. “But I’m very confident in how I feel about him, and I really do love him.” Her voice and demeanor said something very different. When asked point blank if there would be a wedding, Emily said, “Right now—I love you—but nooooo.” When asked what they needed to work on, Emily said, “How honest are we getting?” Ouch. Apparently, the two have had some pretty big fights and Emily revealed that Brad has a “bit of a temper.”

We could have guessed that after convo the two had the night before Brad proposed. Brad was incredibly sweet telling Emily how much he wanted to be Ricky’s dad. But when she repeatedly tried to explain to him that it’s not as easy as just snapping your fingers and going to a few school plays, he got irate—very ?”how could you insult me?” instead of “I know there’s a lot I’ll need to learn.”? Still, I was pretty shocked at how things turned out.

But these two are hardly the first “Bachelor” couple to barely make it off the ground. Here, some more Bachelor couples who were over before the “After the Final Rose” special even aired. And yes, that’s just minutes after America watched a proposal go down.

In the most awkward “After the Final Rose” ceremony ever, Jason Mesnick dumped the woman he proposed to on the show—Melissa—because “the chemistry changed.” Instead, he begged runner-up Molly Melany to take him back. The two are now married.

There was no “After the Final Rose” special at this point in “Bachelor” history, but in season 8, Travis Stork admitted that he and Sarah Stone had already broken up in his first interview, just a week after his finale aired. “You’re in Paris and you’re part of this incredible experience, this fantasy world, and then suddenly you come back to Nashville, and living in the same city I think we thought was going to be a great thing,” he said. “But instead, you’re forced to pretend you don’t know someone, for essentially the last four months. The reality is that we were in this fantasy world.” [Reality TV World]

The second “Bachelor” couple—Aaron Buerge and Helen Eksterowicz—broke up before their season even finished airing. Both of them agreed to do interviews for a special, but Helene insisted they be done separately. Aaron said, “I have nothing bad to say about her and I don’t want different accounts of my story turning into rumors. Do it one time on national TV, and everybody will know it’s cut and dry, and what was said and what wasn’t said.” [Reality News Online]

It’s true, the lifespan of a “Bachelor” couple just isn’t that long—but these were the shortest of the short. I give Brad and Emily a week before they announce their definitive split.

UPDATE: A source has told PopEater that the couple has broken up for real this time, though Brad and Emily haven’t confirmed or denied as of yet. [PopEater]