Ashley Hebert Gets Lucky — Chantal Is Taken! — And Becomes The Next “Bachelorette”

Last night, after the disappointing revelation that Brad and Emily are probably not going to live happily ever after, speculation instantly began on who would be the next “Bachelorette.” Would ABC go with the obvious choice, Chantal O’Brien, the gorgeous brunette who was Brad’s runner-up? That theory were quickly shot down during “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” On the show, it was announced that Ashley Hebert, the sweet dental student Brad sent home from Cape Town, would be the new “Bachelorette.” [CNN] I’m a little concerned about Ashley sitting her 25 suitors down in dental chairs to examine their teeth, but overall I think she is a good choice—she definitely has that Jillian Harris sweet girl vibe. Ashley hails from the super small-town of Madawaska, Maine—where they speak French and eat their fries smothered in gravy and cheese—and she is ultra perky. She once referred to herself as the “kid sister” of the women on the show, and I think that’s pretty accurate.

But the obvious question—why not Chantal, who would bring a sexier vibe to the show?

Well, she is apparently dating someone, as she revealed on last night’s “After the Final Rose” special. She says being on “The Bachelor” opened her up to the idea of finding love again, post divorce, and she met someone wonderful. She didn’t reveal much more info than that. [Buddy TV]

What do you think—is Ashley the right choice to be “The Bachelorette”? I’m not completely sold. I might have even preferred to see her friend, Ashley Spivey. There was just something so likable about her. Amelia, meanwhile, was hoping for Crazy Michelle Money, but mostly because that would give her motivation to liveblog again.