Eddie Cibrian’s Playboy Status Is Official

It’s 10pm—does LeAnn Rimes know where her fiance is? Because chances are, he may be at the Playboy Club. Eddie Cibrian has landed the lead role in NBC’s new pilot, “Playboy,” which sounds kind of like the network’s answer to “Mad Men.” The show is set in 1963 at Chicago’s exclusive Playboy Club and Eddie will be playing Nick Dalton, a lawyer and regular known for being something of a mob fixer. The role was originally slated for Jeff Hephner, who currently plays Red Raymond on “Hellcats,” but producers announced on Friday that they had recast with Eddie, we’re guessing to capitalize on his scandaliciousness. The show will start filming tomorrow, and also co-stars Amber Heard and Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Yes, as in Channing Tatum’s wife. Channing may want to keep an eye on that, since Eddie is kind of notorious for getting involved with his co-stars, whether they’re married or not.

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