Ask The Mega Man Panel: The Capelet Blouse

We love the idea of a capelet, but does it work when it’s part of a shirt? Maybe, maybe not. We asked the man panel to weigh in on this Pins and Needles Melody Capelet Blouse and got a, uh, mixed reaction. And if you’ve got an item you’re dying for the man panel’s opinion on, {encode=”[email protected]” title=”email us a link”}! Ryan, 32: Shoulders are the new cleavage.

Jason, 30: Not sure about pins and needles but there is definitely a tingle (down there) with this hot little Hogwarts number. I want to take the girl that wears this to a poetry reading at Sarah Lawrence, then sip tea together while pretending to listen to her tell me about her Wicca practices and thoughts on Women’s Lit in the 21st century.

Mike, 32: Straight from the office to your LARP, Live Action Role Playing, match. Thanks Urban Outfitters!

Frank, 28: Oh, I get it. You like “Twilight,” and you want to show me your cleavage.

Andy, 30: I suppose if Best Coast had existed in 1894, this would be a fitting show outfit.

Mike, 32: The cape is stupid. Dig the shorts. This girl would break up with me so fast.

Ryan, 32: Count Chocula was wicked bummed that this girl destroyed his cape to wear with those SpongeBob square mom shorts.

Jeff, 33: Bad. If you’re gonna wear a cape, wear a cape. Something floor-length that swooshes dramatically when you disappear out the window on your way to fight crime.

James, 29: If Bram Stoker was alive, into fashion, and living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn…

Jeffery, 30: Something is wrong with the link. It directs my browser to Halloween Adventure’s website.
Gabriel, 35: Generally, I have a soft spot for capes, capelets, hoods, and all that neo-priestess stuff. But this looks like someone wanted to buy into the trend and couldn’t commit, which is just silly. It would, however, make a good half of a “Slutty Dracula” costume for Halloween, so there’s that.