Decode My Dream: A Different Ex Every Night

For the past week, almost every single night, I’ve had a dream about a different one of my exes. On the first night it was the “good ex.” We broke up a long time ago, but remain friends. In the dream we were holding hands and laughing. It was just like when we were together except he was wearing these weird overalls. The next night, it was an ex that I haven’t spoken to in a while. We’re not on bad terms, but we don’t speak regularly. In my dream we were texting and I felt good about it. Finally, last night, I dreamed of my ex who I really don’t speak with. The one who broke my heart. We were back together. I had this tattoo on my back that was based on our relationship (it doesn’t exist in real life) and he was taking his teeth out of his mouth. There were layers and layers of fake teeth, until I realized he had no teeth at all. I woke up in a panic. All these relationships were at least three years ago. I’ve been single for a while. I thought these guys were in my past. I want to meet a new guy. Am I still hung up on my exes? What do these dreams mean? — The Ex-Files

Even though parts of it may have been unpleasant or confusing, this seems like a really auspicious dream sequence. Oh, the crazy things our unconscious mind does. Overall, I think these dreams are a sign that you’re really processing your romantic history and ready to find love again. These dreams indicate that you have clarity on your past relationships and what they meant to you. Having an understanding of your love history is an essential part of inviting new love into your life.

Your “good ex” was wearing overalls. Sometimes dream symbols are simply silly word play. Overall (get it?) it sounds like this was a good relationship that made you very happy. Something to aspire to when you evaluate new potential partners. You seem to have generally positive feelings about your relationship with ex number two, but the fact that you were texting, implies that there was some kind of intimacy missing. A mistake you will not make again. Finally, there was the ex that smashed your heart to smithereens. We all have one of those. Sigh. Anyhow, that experience is “tattooed” on your body, if you will. You will never forget it. But the good news is, it was on your back, so it’s finally behind you. And those weird layers of teeth he had? I think they represent you peeling back the facade and seeing this guy for who he really is. Clearly he’s not as great as you thought he was. But you seem to know that now.

Now that you’ve dreamed your way through your love past, you are ready for your love future. I hope you meet the man of your dreams … a new one, I mean. Good luck!


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