Today’s Lady News: Texas Gang Rape Of 11-Year-Old Stirs Racial Tensions

  • The alleged gang rape of an 11-year-old girl in Cleveland, Texas, in November by 18 men and boys has turned the town upon its head, according to the Houston Chronicle. The victim was allegedly Latina, while the guys who raped her (ranging from middle schoolers to a 27-year-old) were allegedly Black. Allegedly, a group of skinheads was seen in the town yesterday yelling racial slurs about Blacks. What a terrible situation. Our hearts go out to the victim, her family, and the families of all those affected. [Houston Chronicle]
  • Also, the ombudsman/public editor of The New York Times has published a response to an article about the Cleveland gang rape in his paper which slut-shamed and victim-blamed the 11-year-old girl. [New York Times]
  • A Maryland House of Representatives committee has approved the Civil Marriage Protection Act, a bill to bring marriage rights to same-sex couples. []

  • Author Jennifer Egan won the National Book Critics Circle Award for fiction for A Visit From The Goon Squad, her new novel. [New York Times]
  • A recent episode of Lisa Ling’s show, “Our America,” asked if homosexuals can “pray the gay away.” [After Ellen]
  • In honor of Women’s History Month, give it up for five badass Latinas. [Guanabee]
  • Let’s discuss the ethics of breast milk ice cream, shall we? [Salon]


  • How do women in China — who’ve had sex before — fake virginity on their marriage bed? [MSNBC]