Bristol Palin’s New Boyfriend Dated Levi’s Sister, Uses The N Word

Back in January, Bristol Palin revealed that she had a new boyfriend. “He’s awesome with Tripp and we’ve been really good friends for a long time, and he’s just a really good guy,” she said. “He’s a family guy. He’s a Christian. We have all the same religious beliefs and our families both come first in our lives, and we just have a lot in common… He loves Tripp and he’s just awesome to be around.”

Now finally, we get her new dude’s name so we can compare him to Levi Johnston see if he’s good enough for our Bristol. But so far, we’re not sold. Bristol’s boyfriend is one Giancinto Paoletti of Wasilla, Alaska, and he goes by the nickname Gino. He works for a company called Refrigeration Unlimited and his hobbies include wearing plaid and fishing.

Oh, and he is the ex-boyfriend of Mercede Johnston—aka Levi’s sister! Mercede is apparently not too happy about this slightly incestuous situation. “She may have everyone else fooled, but Bristol gets around,” Mercede told Star. “They would hook up, but they never officially dated until now.”

While Gino’s Facebook profile looks pretty clean now, Gawker discovered some pretty nasty stuff in the original version. Not only did Giancinto belong to the group “Twilight is gay,” he also used the n-word in his profile. Oh, and debated with friends whether he’d bed a girl who is “250 and has down sindrome.” His friend’s spelling, not mine.

Oh, and Gino apparently isn’t a Sarah Palin fan. In fact, he referred to her TLC series as “Idiot’s of Alaska.” Again, his punctuation, not mine.

I dunno. I think Bristol can do better.

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