And The Prize Goes To … The Best Spring Style Resolutions!

Last Friday, I psyched you guys up for spring with the prospect of owning this fun, flirty, and floral dress from French Connection. I asked you to share your spring style resolutions — the 10 best answers would win this happy little frock. You made it really, really hard to choose. I wish I had a cloning machine so I could give each of you one, but, alas, I sucked at science in school. After the jump, the 10 winners and their awesome answers. And thank you all for sharing! JaqAttack:

This dress fits both my spring time resolutions – less jeans and more color. I’ve fallen into the trap of wearing my stand-by color (gray) almost everyday and I’m not stranger to jeans either.

In high school I developed a skin disease that has left me legs with deep purple scars. Since 9th grade, I’ve worn jeans almost every. single. day. Winter, summer, spring and fall.

I’m tired of being ashamed of my body. Scars are scars and since they aren’t going away – I’m ready to show them off and let people wonder. I’m ready to break out and wear rockin’ dresses.


My spring style resolution is to love my body more. Too often I wear blacks and greys, too many ill-fitting pants and shirts to hide myself. By incorporating colours and more feminine attire, I hope to feel more confident and perhaps inspire the young girls I teach to look at themselves in a new, fresh way as well.


I discovered my own fantastic style 2 years ago after a terrible breakup. I spent so many years hating my body, hating the way I looked. I used to cry everyday, wishing I could look like the girls I saw in magazines. That was a big part of the reason why I got dumped. But when I learned how to rock my own style it was this whole new sense of empowerment! I didn’t need anybody else, cuz I was fabulous on my own!

I gained a little bit of weight during the fall and I feel like I’ve fallen into such a style slump. All winter long, I’ve worn the same pair of jeans every single day. Damn is it ever depressing! But I’m slowly shedding the pounds, so my spring style resolution is to rock what I got – AGAIN! I NEED this dress y’all! I miss the way I felt when I left the house everyday looking fab – I’ve got to get it back!


My spring style resolution is to confront my addiction to baring my decolletage. It’s been keeping me from wearing perfectly adorable dresses and blouses with higher necklines.

I’ve always had an aversion to high necklines, I had a super-sensitive gag reflex when I was younger and would feel close to puking if I was ever forced to wear a turtleneck. Over the years, my necklines have gotten lower and lower. I would justify the skin-flashing by convincing myself that I look “chunky” if my neckline isn’t at least 2.5 inches under my collarbones, but I’m really just addicted to my cleav.

This spring I will embrace cutesy and lady-like dresses and blouses even if they threaten to rise above my collarbones!


So, I will be living on the west coast from May to August with my best friend, and we’ve decided that we will be frequenting the metal scene… for various reasons. My personal style at the moment is what my friends call “fancy”. I wear a lot of dresses and red lipstick and am generally slightly over dressed for every occasion. I told my dad about our plans for the summer and he said “Well you can’t be fancy and a metal head!” and I shouted “Yes I can! Challenge accepted!” then apologized for shouting.

So my spring fashion aspiration is to figure out how to dress like a fancy metal head.


I will not dress down to fit in.

There are all of these dresses in my closet that aren’t super-formal, but also not what most people think of when they think of ‘casual’. And I always feel like I have to wait until specific parties to wear them (they are bright colors or have full skirts or are leopard print). I always think “Oh if I wear this I’ll have to put on makeup and then people might think I look overdressed and weird.”

Not anymore. When spring rolls around I am dressing up to go to school, to go run errands, to just leave the house. If I’m over-dressed, at least I’ll look good!


My boyfriend constantly expresses his dislike of my style and and complains about my clothing choices, and I’m sick of trying to fit into his type: bombshell type girls who wear skin-tight dresses, huge heels, etc.

So I’m dumping him just in time for spring.

My spring resolution is to stop dressing to impress my (soon to be ex) boyfriend, and guys in general.


My spring resolution is to dress in a way that helps me get out of my slump. A lot of things are out of my control right now – I’m living with my parents, I just got out of a 2 and a half year relationship a while back, uncertainty about my career. But one thing I can do is dress cute to feel good. I’ve been working on meeting people, losing weight, and redesigning my room. I’ve also been trying to wear things that are more trendy, since I’ve noticed a lot of my clothes are very basic.


My spring style resolution is to learn how to use the sewing machine I got for my birthday and then USE IT! I have a hard-to-fit body type and pretty much all of my clothes could use a few nips and tucks, but I can never seem to find the money to take my clothes to a tailor. Fit is everything when it comes to fashion, and I am tired of cuffing every pair of jeans I own (even the petite lengths)! Hemlines will be shortened! Sleeves will not swallow my fist! I will show off my hourglass shape with clothes that fit ALL parts of my body, NOT just the biggest ones! This won’t just be a resolution, it will be a style REVOLUTION. DOWN WITH THE DUMPY! IN WITH NEW INSEAMS!


I want this dress! I have a huge wedding that I am standing up in June and I am running out of awesome and memorable dresses to wear for the rehearsal dinner. I think I have exhausted my dress collection going to showers, parties, dinners, etc for these weddings! This one is in country club and the bride and groom went all out for their wedding… this would be the perfect dress to wear for the night before.