Women Who Need Lots Of Attention Post Lots Of Facebook Photos

According to a new study, it’s not difficult to spot the most attention hungry, insecure women on Facebook and your other favorite social networking sites. You already know who they are because you see their photos every five seconds. Researchers at the University of Buffalo found that the women who posted the most photos of themselves were more likely to base their self-worth on physical appearance and have a need for validation and attention in the social networking arena.I know what you’re thinking, duh. Yes, DUH. But the sad thing about this study was that men did not exhibit similar behavior. Not good news for the state of our cultural focus on female appearance. It just seems to be getting worse with the influence of social networking sites like Facebook. “It’s disappointing to me that in the year 2011 so many young women continue to assert their self worth via their physical appearance — in this case, by posting photos of themselves on Facebook as a form of advertisement. Perhaps this reflects the distorted value pegged to women’s looks throughout the popular culture and in reality programming from ‘The Bachelor’ to ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ ” said the lead researcher on the study. When in doubt, blame the Kardashians. It’s their fault that we have issues. [LA Times]