Julie Taymor No Longer Directing “Spider-Man: The Musical”

Making fun of “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark”—the musical version of the classic comic book tale that, at $65 million, is the most expensive production in Broadway history—has become something of a blood sport here in New York. And this week brings the news that the play—which has injured multiple cast members and been almost universally panned by test audiences—is shutting down for several weeks for a major overhaul. Apparently, visionary director Julie Taymor is no longer sitting in the director’s chair. It’s unclear whether she quit in protest or was fired. “Taymor is out. She’s left the building,” a source said. Rumor has it that the producers tried to call in Aaron Sorkin, who was nominated for the Oscar for “The Social Network,” in to help. A source said, “Sorkin, who’s not exactly short of a buck, was amused, but passed.”

Apparently, it will cost the show $1.3 million for every week it shut down. And the play will also miss the cut-off date for Tony nominations this year, not that the early reviews thought it would be up for any.

Am I the only one here is is feeling kind of bad that Taymor is out? The show has been her brainchild and having it implode this way has got to be embarrassing. I wish her much better projects in the future. She is one of very few female directors out there, and one who is fiercely talented with a insanely cool eye for visuals. I hope she lands on her feet. Unlike the actors she sent flying over the audience in this play.

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