A Few Of My Favorite Things: M.J. Of EthicalStyle.com

Ethical Style blogger M.J. started her eco-conscious fashion blog three years ago, thinking she knew a lot about ethical fashion. “I was so wrong,” she says. “The scope is so much more broad than just organic cotton and sweatshop labor.” And her interest in ethical fashion extends far beyond clothing manufacture and fabrication. “Right now, I’m particularly interested in the use of Photoshop in advertising, intellectual property laws in design, and designers who care about sourcing animal products humanely (even if they still use hot-button materials like leather and fur).” Check out her awesome, and informative blog, and take a look at some of M.J.’s most favorite things after the jump!

M.J.’s Favorite Things
Art Deco Jewelry: Vintage jewelry is one of my favorite eco-indulgences because it’s as glamorous as recycling gets. I recently bought myself a 1920s sapphire and diamond ring from an antique jewelry dealer. You can find killer deals on both costume and fine jewelry from this era right now, and it’s especially cool when you can learn a little about the personal history of a piece.
Gregory Alan Isakov: This singer-songwriter provides the perfect road-trip soundtrack. One of my good friends gave me two of his albums and I can’t get enough of his mellow tunes.
Argan Oil: The Moroccan oil people really kicked off this trend but argan oil does so much more than just make my hair shiny. I’ve been using Kiehl’s fair-trade dry oil for my body and Josie Maran’s organic version for my face. My favorite places all have desert-dry climates and this is the only stuff that keeps my skin soft and supple.
Lake Tahoe: EthicalStyle.com is based in Los Angeles, but I’ve been spending a lot of time up at Lake Tahoe lately. My dog Stella — a rescue mutt I adopted last year in Burbank — loves it. I grew up on the East Coast and I basically wander around in complete awe of the Sierra Nevadas. We don’t grow mountains like that where I come from.
Huevos Rancheros: Second to the landscape, the other amazing thing about California is the unbelievable Mexican cuisine. My favorite huevos in L.A. can be found at The Alcove in Los Feliz, but I’m really not picky.