Today’s Lady News: Happy Feminist Coming Out Day!

  • In addition to today being International Women’s Day, today is the also first-ever National Feminist Coming Out day! If you’d like, please share with us in the comments why you’re proud to be a woman and/or why you call yourself a feminist. [Feministing, Feminist Coming Out Day]
  • Meet the five most pathetic female film characters of all time. Prepare to lose your s**t, fans of “The Princess Bride.” [Guardian UK]
  • Bisexual and lesbian women are more likely to have tried anal sex than straight women. So now you know. [Slate]

  • When people compare the circumcision of baby boys to the female genital mutilation of tween/teen girls, I want to stab someone. [CBS News]
  • A former aide to Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL) has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him, claiming he threatened her position when she refused his advances. [The Grio]
  • A rejected iPhone app called iBoobs — i.e. a pair of boobs onscreen— is now for sale for the Android. [Examiner]
  • A big ups to Feministing co-founder and former blogger, Jessica Valenti, for being profiled by the UK’s Guardian newspaper as one of the “top 100 women” today (whatever that means). [Gaurdian UK]
  • The New York Times op-ed columnists Nick Kristof and Gail Collins write about the need for more women to submit pieces to op-ed pages. Go do it, ladies! [Poynter]
  • Why does the word “lesbian” get censored on the radio? [After Ellen]


  • Activists in Cairo, Egypt, called for a Million Woman March following the country’s recent political upheaval. Unfortunately, it only drew a couple hundred people. [Guardian UK, UPI]
  • The feminist club at Bournemouth University in the UK lost an attempt to ban “overtly sexual” advertising on campus, including a poster for the school’s Sex-Ed Ball which it felt glorified the sex industry. [Bournemouth Echo]
  • Check out how Doctors Without Borders is treating obstetric fistulas in Africa. [Doctors Without Borders]
  • Why is Lesotho — a tiny country located in the middle of South Africa — a great place to be a woman? [BBC]
  • Several pieces of women’s rights legislation in Israel were voted down just in time for International Women’s Day. Lovely. [Jerusalem Post]
  • Polish politicians and activists created a mock female-only “shadow cabinet” for International Women’s Day, which said if more women were in power then abortion would not be illegal there. [Wall Street Journal]