Jeremy London May Have Been Telling The Truth About That Kidnapping Thing

When actor Jeremy London—Griffin on “Party of Five,” not his twin brother Jason who played Randall in “Dazed and Confused”—claimed over the summer that he had been kidnapped for five hours and “forced to smoke dope,” we thought it seemed kind of suspect. Especially when Jeremy, who has had addiction issues in the past, claimed that his kidnappers said, “Hit this! Hit this or I’m gonna kill you!” But it looks like Jeremy might have been telling the truth. Brandon Adams has plead guilty to charges of false imprisonment and unlawfully taking London’s car. Which sounds a little different to me than saying, “I kidnapped this guy and made him do drugs,” but shows that there was a lot of truth to Jeremy’s story. “I knew all along I was telling the truth and so did the police,” Jeremy said. “For people who think this is too weird to happen, wake up. We live in weird world.” Amen to that.

But Jeremy is still a little freaked. “[Brandon Adams] wasn’t the gunman,” he said. “The guy who put the gun to my head is still out there.” Dun, dun, dun! [People]