“True Blood” Season 4 Is Still A Long Ways Away

I am in “True Blood,” “Friday Night Lights,” and “Mad Men” withdrawal. These are my favorite shows on television, but each of their new seasons is a ways away, leaving me with episodes of “The Bachelor” that just don’t quite scratch the itch. Sigh. Well, on Saturday, there was a tribute to “True Blood” at the Paley Center in Los Angeles that brought together creator Alan Ball and 16 of the show’s cast members. Entertainment Weekly was on hand and eked out some spoilers of what we should expect in season four, come June. Check them out after the jump.

  • Ball says this season is about the “duality of existence.” But then he sort of backtracked on that. “I come up with a stock answer each season although we don’t really think in terms of themes,” he said. “The theme is true blood, more true blood. We just want to have this fantastic, escapism, emotional, sexy, romantic, terrifying journey with them because that’s really fun.”
  • Bill and Sookie will stay broken up. “It is hard not to think of them as soul mates when they are in real life,” said Ball. “But the betrayal is so deep that I don’t think [Sookie] sees a way back from that.”
  • Witches will be a big thing this season. One will take away Eric’s memory and he will have to work with a telepathic fairy to get it back.
  • Godrick will finally be coming back. Well, at least in flashback scenes and/or other characters’ dreams. “One of the great things about having characters who have been around for thousands of years is that you can go back and see them at different points in history,” says Ball. “Or they can appear in people’s dreams. Vampires dream, too.”
  • Sam and Tara will get some new love interests. But Jessica and Hoyt remain a couple since, well, they are the cutest. In a new clip screened at Saturday’s event, Hoyt defends Jessica from protesters outside Fangtasia.
  • Russell Edgerton will come back. “There are definitely plans to bring him back,” said Ball. “He is gonna be pissed.”

That’s enough to tide me over for now. Well, that and the video of shirtless Alexander Skarsgard below. How about you? [EW]