Crush Of The Day: Grey Damon Of “Friday Night Lights”

There are very few people I hate in this world, but the person who decided to give DirecTV first-run rights to the final season of “Friday Night Lights” is on my permanent s**t list. Knowing that there are people out there who have already seen how things end up for Coach and Tammy Taylor, Buddy Garrity, and, most importantly, Tim Riggins, before me keeps me awake at night. Or it used to. This weekend, I managed to hunt down the entirety of “FNL” season five on this great thing called THE INTERNET and promptly fell down a Dillon, Texas k-hole. I don’t want to give much of anything away (and urge “FNL” fans who do have DirectTV and have seen the show’s final season to do the same), but I will tell you that while I’m disappointed Riggins, so far (I just finished episode three), does not have much screen time, I am hot for a new member of the East Dillon Lions. Meet Grey Damon, ladies. Grey plays “Hastings Ruckle” — what an amazing name! — who is almost immediately described as a hippie by one of the good ol’ boy players because of the ever present beanie on his head. I think he is smoking hot. But apparently, I’ve seen his gorgeousness before and didn’t even know it — Grey also played “Kitch Maynard” on “True Blood,” the football star who was trying to break all of Jason Stackhouse’s records. Look, no one will ever replace Tim Riggins, but I appreciate this guy’s effort in the hot and brooding department. I would not kick him outta bed for eating crackers — unless Tim Riggins walked into the room and wanted to party.

Oh, and as always, clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose! [IMDB]