Ask The Man Panel: Sunburst Maxi Dress

The maxi dress should be a no-brainer: It’s flowy, soft and romantic, so dudes must love ‘em right? But what did guys have to say about this Sunburst Maxi Dress from Free People? Their comments may surprise you. And if you’ve got an item you’re dying for the man panel’s opinion on, {encode=”[email protected]” title=”email us a link”}! Ryan, 32: I really admire the versatility of this dress. Perfect for a picnic in the park, or as a tablecloth at your next séance!

Jason, 30: Any girl who is fashion forward enough in her thinking to compromise her impending trust fund by unleashing her first-semester-at-FIT design skills on her grandfather’s prized Piet Mondrian clearly deserves a night on the town.

Mike, 32: It’s so hard to be sarcastic when you have a boner.

Frank, 28: The reason this model is so upset is because they dressed her like some ’90s-era hippie.

Andy, 30: After her prairie farmstead had been attacked by natives, the holistic Pilates classes managed to continue.

Mike, 32: Two words: bare back. I would introduce her to my parents in Florida on our third date. Oh the dress is nice too. It sort of has a “Pocahontas washes up on Water Taxi Beach” thing going on.

Ryan, 32: This whole set-up is practical for construction. Like your toes will be totally fine in those boots if you drop an i-beam on them at the job site and you can absolutely wipe the mayonnaise from your hoagie off of your chin with the giant orange napkin that you are wearing.

Jeff, 33: As long as I don’t know it’s called a “maxi dress,” I’m down with this. I don’t think connotations of feminine hygiene products enhance an outfit’s cuteness.

James, 29: The sort of dress that you’d like your girlfriend to wear in theory, but in practice would lead to having to sit through flimsy, tedious views on world peace and how everyone should “just love each other”.

Jeffery, 30: This dress looks like a nice daydream. I have nothing but love for it. Sure it looks good on a skinny model, but does it look good on a normal person as well? Also, these sorts of “Native-American”-type fashion clothes should be more durable. This dress looks like it would tear if you wore it, say, to Devil’s Rock on the way to a summertime skinny-dipping rendezvous.

Gabriel, 35: Is this stupid? I dunno. I mean, making a dress swoop up like that in the front is a bit chancy and will only work with exactly the right person wearing exactly the right shoes (which this model is not wearing). But from that odd hem up, this is a dress I would go to brunch with — provided the right person was in it. I really like the color.