Topless Ukrainian Feminists Protest NZ Radio Station’s Mail Order Bride Contest

A notorious topless Ukrainian feminist group turned out to protest the New Zealand radio show “Win A Wife” contest that matches up a Kiwi man with a “mail order bride” in Ukraine. Nine women from Femen were outraged — rightly so — about The Rock FM’s “Win a Wife” contest, announced on Valentine’s Day, in which the winner would be flown to Eastern Europe with interpreters to meet a woman from a “matchmaking” web site. The winning gent gets to choose a woman from the database of Endless Love, an online “matchmaking” service between Ukrainian women and Kiwi men. After two teleconferences and endless instant messaging — all translated for free, of course — he will be flown from New Zealand to Ukraine on March 23 with a dozen roses, 12 nights of accommodation, and $2,000 spending money. One presumes if they choose to marry (or he chooses to marry? how similar are mail order brides to sex trafficking victims?), that’s when he “wins” a wife.

Shocker, I know, but Femen is often criticized for their topless protests in Kiev. In response, these opinionated lasses say, “Sex is used to sell perfume and cars. Why not political ideas?” Fair enough point. But no need to get topless, ladies — I would have written about your protest anyway! [YouTube via AOL News]