Eau De George Clooney? 10 Strange Celebrity Fragrances

fragrance george clooney main jpg
Sigh. Men everywhere almost had the chance to smell like George Clooney. George had been in talks with Coty Inc. to develop a fragrance, but apparently the deal went belly up after George’s people asked for more than $30 million to make it happen. A source explains, “George seemed to be not that keen, unless the deal really made it worth his while.” Still, I wonder what his scent would have smelled like—I’m guessing vodka and soda, mixed with pheromones. [NY Post]

It seems like at this point, every celebrity has a fragrance. Some even have multiple—Mariah Carey has three, Kimora Lee Simmons has six, and Jennifer Lopez has a whopping 10. Ten! But in addition to the Elizabeth Taylors, Sarah Jessica Parkers, and Kate Mosses, who seem to be lifestyle arbiters, there are some very random celebs who’ve gotten their own scents. After the jump, the 10 we find the strangest.

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