Decode My Dream: A Visit From A Deceased Dad

I had a dream recently that I can’t seem to make sense of. In my dream, I was on the porch of another home, not the one I currently live in. It was snowing very heavy, which is unusual in southern Alabama, where I live. There were several people, friends and family, walking in with such joy and happiness. My sister walked up and handed me a framed photo of herself as she passed by and walked into the house. As I looked at the picture, my eyes began to water as if I was crying and I turned to look to my side and there stood our dad who passed away 10 years ago. He looked at me and said, “That’s right baby, this is the last one.” I looked away and when I looked back he was gone. At that point, I woke up very shaken. I have had dreams before that actually came true in my life and this one has me very disturbed. Can you please give me some insight? — Missing Dad

Dear Missing Dad,

I’m so sorry you’re feeling shaken up after this dream. The grief of losing a loved one runs so deep. No matter how long it’s been since they passed on, you never stop missing them. It is extremely common to have dreams of the deceased and they are usually very emotional.

Some people choose to think of these nocturnal visits as just dreams and attribute no meaning to them. Others take comfort in the idea that their dream time with a loved one is a form of communication from beyond. How you choose to look at it is a personal thing. I’m just going to stick to the dream itself.

Your dream seems to be about comfort and support. Where you get it and from whom. Your dad appeared to show you that even though he is gone, your family is still there for you in times of sadness or in bleak periods of your life, represented by the heavy snow. Also, I think this dream is encouraging you to share your grief, if you aren’t already, or to find new ways to honor your dad’s memory for yourself and with your family. The contrast of everyone’s joy and happiness with your sorrow shows me that you might be going through a difficult time or finding yourself really missing your dad. Please remember that he is there for you in spirit, so to speak; tt least the family memories are present, if nothing else, represented by the framed photograph of your sister. Your dad reminds you to summon his love from within and turn to close friends and family for comfort. You are not alone.


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