And The Prize Goes To … The Most Ridiculous (Imagined!) Fashion Hybrid Item

Earlier this week, we asked you to tell us the most ridiculous fashion hybrid item you could imagine, along the lines of jeggings, jorts, shooties, and my contribution to the fashion lexicon, bradigan. The most original and hilarious suggestion would win Gap’s Soft Trench, part of the brand’s spring collection. We’ve picked a winner — read her winning comment after the jump — but the rest of you can still grab a Soft Trench of your own at a steep discount during tomorrow’s Gap Flashion sale. The Soft Trench — normally priced at $89.95 — will be available in stores for a mere $50 tomorrow only. I’m not passing that up! rubywoo (who, it turns out, runs a cool blog of her own called Ruby Woo Loves You) won the prize:

Sheggings–the Shoe Leggings! The ease and comfort of footie pajamas coupled with the undeniable chic-ness of leggings and cute shoes!

With Sheggings, you’ll never have to worry about matching your shoes to your leggings ever again! Our patented technology seamlessly combines leggings and and a reinforced sole that perfectly imitates shoes–slip them on, and you’re done and out the door!

Sheggings come in a comfy ballet flat option–perfect for running errands on the weekend or hanging with your friends, or a super sexy stiletto version–ideal for hot nights on the town. With four color options for leggings and over a dozen colors for shoes, your Shegging possibilities are endless!

Call today for a special introductory rate to our Shegging of the Month club–yours for an easy one-time payment of 39.95! But wait! There’s more! For a limited time, you will also receive a free Turtleglove! Turtlegloves are the perfect accompanients to your Sheggings–with the gloves attached right to your sleeves for a seamless finish!

Sheggings–the Shoe Legging!

Thanks for playing everybody!