Sean Penn And ScoJo Go To Mexico

Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson are making it very hard to believe that they are not dating. In early February, the two were seen hanging out all night at a pre-Oscars party and, supposedly, they left together. Then this week, the two jetted off to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a night. This was a day after they were spotted having lunch at a restaurant in Los Angeles, Scarlett’s feet in Sean’s lap as they talked. This pairing is interesting because—how do I put it—Sean is basically the opposite of Scarlett’s ex-hubby, Ryan Reynolds. While Ryan is laid back, beefcaky and likes a superhero role, Sean is uptight, cerebral, and an actor who takes himself super seriously. Not to mention that while Ryan in 10 years older that Scarlett, Sean is twice her age.

Also interesting—a rumor circulated a while back that Robin Wright divorced Sean because he was messing with Natalie Portman. Maybe Sean just loves them young, smart, and insanely beautiful?

What do you think? Do Sean and Scarlett have possibilities as a couple, or is this rebounding at its best?