Northwestern Professor Defends Sex Toy Demonstration

A professor at Northwestern in Chicago is defending his performing a sex toy demonstration at an optional event for his Human Sexuality class. Professor John Michael Bailey had a guest demonstrate something called a “f**ksaw” on a naked woman before a gathering of 120 students. According to The A.V. Club Chicago, via The Huffington Post, it’s “basically a dildo attached to a reciprocating saw which, when cranked up to full blast, can drive a person to orgasm.” Reportedly the 600 students were advised as many as 10 times not to attend if they might be uncomfortable with the proceedings. (The naked woman getting, uh, “f**ksaw”-ed was not a student.) Other events have included panel discussions with swingers and sex offenders.

According to The Daily Northwestern, the school newspaper, after some pooh-poohed use of school funds to pay for the speakers’ fee to hold the demo, Professor Bailey told the class, “I think that these after-class events are quite valuable. Why? One reason is that I think it helps us understand sexual diversity.”

And anyway, the students in this class are all just two or three clicks away from the most graphic, nasty hardcore porn you can imagine … so why would a university discussion about it be a bad thing?

Please note, the photo on this post is not actually called a “f**k saw” but it looks like what I imagine one to be. Regardless, it is a sex machine and I’m sure it could bring someone out there to orgasm. — Editor

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