Fetuses “Testify” On Ohio Abortion Bill

Two fetuses — er, “unborn children,” as anti-abortion folks call them — testified in Ohio today regarding a bill that would criminalize abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected.

Very funny, Ohio.A female male Republican politician, Rep. Lynn R. Wachtmann, sponsored the so-called “Heartbeat Bill,” which is being strongly advocated by Faith2Action, an anti-abortion religious group. The heartbeat of the 15-week-old fetus was easily detectable, according to an Ohio TV news station, while the nine-week-old fetus’ heartbeat was more difficult to detect.

Of course, this is all a publicity stunt and a fetus cannot actually testify. The fetus’ mothers were the ones who appeared before Ohio’s House of Representatives’ health committee and allowed ultrasounds of their bellies to be projected onscreen. Erin Glockner, the mother of the nine-month-old fetus whose heartbeat the Ohio pols heard, presumably thinks she spoke for all mothers when she announced:

“A child is a child at conception. They have a right to live. Whether a parent wants to keep it for themselves or give it to another family, people want kids, and babies who can’t speak for themselves before they’re born deserve a chance.”

Thanks, Erin! Are you going to pay for the prenatal care, doctors visits, vitamins and maternity clothes? Or should all of our taxes be raised to pay for that? Let us know!

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio spokeswoman Kellie Copeland condemned the publicity stunt for essentially fetishizing the fetus to the detriment of women:

“[The women and their fetuses] were used as props, and women are not props. Women are citizens and we deserve the right to protect or have them to make their own decisions. I don’t think [Rep.] Lynn Wachtmann or anybody else should be able to make decisions for every woman which is exactly what they’re trying to do.”

Yeah. What she said.

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CORRECTION: This post originally said Rep. Wachtmann was a woman. Thanks to commenter @Dani1987 for correcting the error!