20 Celebrities Who Told The Tabloids, “I’ll See You In Court”

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I remember picking up an issue of Star in January with this headline splashed across the front: “Addiction Nightmare. Katie DRUG SHOCKER! The Real Reason She Can’t Leave Tom.” My jaw dropped. I flipped to the story instantly, only to find that I’d been pulled in by a totally deceptive cover. The alleged drug shocker? That Katie Holmes was maybe going to Scientology sessions where an e-meter would be used and, according to some, e-meter readings can release endorphins and make you feel kinda high. Lame! I mean, I expected the story to be about her doing lines of cocaine off Suri‘s toys.

Well, Katie didn’t like this cover, either. In fact, she’s suing American Media for libel to the tune of $50 million. “The average reader [would] understand that plaintiff has become shockingly addicted to drugs … There is no other way to understand [these words],” the lawsuit reads. Her lawyer elaborated, “[The tabloids have] been attacking her and her husband for years now, and she finally said, ‘Enough is enough.’ She wants to stand up for her legal rights. This is such an outrageous statement.” [The Wrap]

Tabloids often craft shocking headlines about celebrities and usually the claims are built on a card house of anonymous sources, questionable experts and conjecture. Most famous folks cope by ignoring them because, if you are famous, it’s harder to win a libel case than for an average joe. People in the public eye have to prove that the publication knew the information was false and that the faux facts damaged the star’s reputation. Plus, winning a libel case doesn’t get you much. Court fees are expensive and it’s just not worth it, most of the time. But that doesn’t mean some stars haven’t tried, or at least threatened to. Check out this proud pantheon of famous people who got so pissed about something that was printed in a tabloid that they ventured into legal territory.


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