“Dancing With The Stars” Season 12 Lineup Just Not As Juicy As The Last

Last night, I watched all 120 minutes of “The Bachelor,” rather than just fast-forwarding through the repetitive parts, so I could find out first hand who would be appearing on season 12 of “Dancing with the Stars.” And I gotta say, I am a little underwhelmed with the lineup. The guys who will lacing up their dancing shoes: Sugar Ray Leonard, the originl “Karate Kid,” Ralph Macchio, wrestler Chris Jericho, rapper Romeo, wide receiver Hines Ward, and “Loveline” co-host (aka Adam Corolla replacement) Mike Catherwood. For the women, we’ve got: Kirstie Alley, Wendy Williams, Kendra Wilkinson, Disney star Chelsea Kane, and former model Petra Nemcova. Notice how many of the folks require descriptors. Mike Catherwood and Chelsea Kane, here’s looking at you. The big gets here, at least in my opinion, are Kirstie Alley and Sugar Ray Leonard. Kirstie should be extremely fun to watch—she’s hardly graceful, so she should be a fish out of water trying to learn the cha-cha. And thanks to her big mouth, we should get some awesome sound bites. I’m also excited to watch Sugar Ray Leonard—will his boxing moves transfer into dance steps? As for Ralph Macchio, I saw “The Karate Kid” on TV the other day, and was just wondering what happened to him. Wendy Williams could be hilarious, too.

But still, this cast feels like a shadow of the awesomeness of season 11, which had such an insane mix of big personalities—Bristol Palin, David Hasselhoff, Margaret Cho, Florence Henderson, and Jennifer Grey to name a few.

I think part of this is because the show has whittled its lineup from 13 to 11. Why? Could they not get someone who feels super of-the-moment, like The Situation or a Jake Pavelka? And could they not find a total wild card like Buzz Aldrin or Steve Wozniak? Wait, am I actually wishing Christine O’Donnell had said yes?

What do you think of the new cast? Who on it are you most excited to watch?