11 New Agey Celebs

sarah ferguson new age m jpg
The former Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, found her way back from “the gutter” after her involvement in the humiliating scandal where she was caught trying to sell access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. How did she heal, you ask? She hopped aboard the New Age train. “They always say a lotus flower grows with very strong roots in muddy water, and it grows tall and strong and no water sticks to its leaves. We musn’t let negativity stick to us … I was not aware of my roots, I wasn’t standing tall and I had a world of negativity stuck to me … I was happy just sitting in my own isolated, lonely place, alone with Sarah, because at least I had myself … And so I went to find the lotus flower within myself,” she explained. Makes perfect sense. Find the lotus flower within. Or just stop drinking excessive amounts of wine and talk to a shrink. Hey! To each her own. After the jump, some other celebs who have taken a ride on the New Age train. [Daily Mail UK]
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