Today’s Lady News: Science Explains Cat Ladies

  • Science explains everything, even cat ladies. But can science explain sad, creepy, old bachelors, too? [CNN]
  • This weekend, 6,000 men and women — including Amelia! — gathered in New York City for a pro-choice march in support of Planned Parenthood. [Gothamist, Feministing]
  • In a close vote, Wyoming’s House of Representatives killed a bill that would have required women seeking an abortion to be shown a sonogram by a doctor. [KGWN]
  • Alas, alack, human breast milk ice cream sold in London was short-lived. [Black Voices]

  • Here’s nine very good reasons to hate anti-abortion billboards that target black women. [ColorLines]
  • Oh, joy: a Right To Life group in Forth Worth, Texas, is moving right next door to the city’s abortion clinic. Easy access for harassing women! []
  • What are some of the struggles still faced by female wrestlers at the high school and college level? [New York Times]
  • Meet 11-year-old India Bullet, who writes songs to discourage bullying! [The Grio]
  • As a reformed tomboy myself, I’m loving this roundup of 10 of pop culture’s “token tomboys”! [The Mary Sue]


  • Meet the Iraqi women who are trying to stop female suicide bombers. [New York Times]
  • Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi allegedly paid for boob jobs and lip injections for attractive young ladies who attended his “bunga bunga” parties (which I am still not entirely clear about). Step it up, Clinton, what did you do for anyone? [Daily Mail UK]