The PS22 Chorus Was Cute At The Oscars, But Could’ve Been Amazeballs

Last night’s Oscars ended with a performance by the kids of PS 22 chorus, who we here at The Frisky absolutely adore. What makes this chorus so unique is their unusual song choices. So I don’t know about the selection “Over the Rainbow,” which sounded kind of pre-recorded and was, well, meh. As the credits rolled, I wished they’d been given a medley of Oscar-winning songs. Or, wait, maybe they could have sung this year’s nominated songs, with the people who created them, before the award was given? Hey, they would have added some dimension to Gwyneth Paltrow’s performance.

Because we love them, here are some of our favorite PS 22 chorus clips.

The kidlets turn Bjork’s “Joga” inside out.

And they make Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” that much sweeter.

Cute! Kids doing MGMT’s song, “Kids.”

Going ’80s with “Eye of the Tiger.”

What do you think—did you like their “Somewhere Over The Rainbow,” or would you have liked to see something else?

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