Stripping, Spanking, Girls Kissing: It’s A New Wii Game

Sex and video games are two of God’s greatest inventions, so it’s only natural they’d come together. As you can see in this NSFW commercial, WeDare is a silly-looking game in which friends/random geeks strip, spank and kiss at the direction of the Wii. You know, like Truth Or Dare but way more expensive. Parents, of course, are upset the game is branded ages 12+. But better kids are kissing and spanking than auditioning for “Teen Mom,” I always say.
The biggest problem for me is that the guys I play “Street Fighter II” with are not the same guys I want giving me some sexy over-the-knee time. And as one astute YouTube commenter pointed out, would you really want to play with those “Wiimotes” again after seeing some of the places they’ve been?

Alas, WeDare is only available in European markets now. I guess if I really want a geek to spank me, I’ll just have to keep acting like a brat. [YouTube via The Sun UK]