Grading Oscar Hosts Anne Hathaway And James Franco

James Franco and Anne Hathaway are the youngest hosts of the Oscars, ever—it’s a stat that’s been repeated over and over again since it was first announced that the two would be taking on hosting duties. But, uh, how did they do? I’d give Anne an A- for being friendly and charming, and for taking beaks from her scripted dialogue for off-the-cuff moments. Meanwhile, James gets a C for having stank face throughout the whole show. Also, was it just me, or did he seem to be squinting to read the teleprompter an awful lot? Homedude looked like he needed glasses, or like he’d jumped on the Pineapple Express in the green room.

After the jump, we grade the dynamic duo on some of their best and worst moments.

This opening bit of Anne and James being dropped into Alec Baldwin’s dreams, “Inception” style, was a good. Plus, I liked that they showed up in a good number of the Best Picture nominees. However, we’ve seen this before. And often done better. I’m talking to you, MTV Movie Awards. Grade: B

The pair’s banter seemed so, so staged, especially in their first big monologue. James was incredibly stilted here and the pacing of the whole thing felt off. James’ grandma stole the show with her awesome line, “I just saw Marky Mark.” Grade: B-

James apparently didn’t have the singing chops to keep up with Anne, so she awkwardly serenaded Hugh Jackman, who seemed totally non-plussed and kind of insulted. But then James appeared in Marilyn Monroe drag, and I have to give him some credit for that. Grade: A

So the two average out to a solid B. Though I’m still a little disappointed that there was no “Grease.”