Frisky Q&A: “Bachelor Pad”‘s David Good On Manhood, Natalie Getz, And Who Brad Womack Should Choose

We watched as season five “Bachelorette” contestant, David Good, got a second chance at love on “Bachelor Pad.” After all the pie-eating, backstabbing, and unitard-wearing was said and done, David walked away the big winner with $125,000 in his pocket and Natalie Getz on his arm. Not too shabby! Since then, David has been busy penning a book, The Man Code: A Woman’s Guide To Cracking The Tough Guy. As unlikely a messenger as he may seem, his book gives women a look under the hood, helping them crack the code to understanding “men’s men.”

I had an email conversation with David to find out more about his thoughts on manhood, his love life, and who Brad Womack should choose. Check it out after the jump.

A woman should never talk about money the whole time [on a first date] and a man is an idiot if he doesn’t pay for dinner.

On your season of “The Bachelor,” we nicknamed you “Angry David.” Sorry, dude but you were getting a little out of control with Juan Barbieri. Did you think you came off as angry when you watched the show?

I think I came off angry, yes.  But I’m not an angry person and what I said I meant 100 percent.  They did not show the full content of the situation, which sucks! 

On “Bachelor Pad,” nearly every guy seemed to go for Natalie Getz at some point … including you. I’m curious about what makes her so appealing. Are you two still an item? 

She is a beautiful and outgoing girl. That’s why. We are not together, no, but still very close. I am single at the moment.

Dang. I liked you and Natalie together. If you could pick any Bachelorette from any season to date for real, who would it be?

I can’t answer that because then she will never go out with me!

Oh, fine then. Which contestant got the worst rap on “Bachelor Pad”?

The Weatherman (Jonathan Novack).  He’s actually 6’4″ and cool, not short and nerdy like he looked.  LOL. [Ahh, the perks of doing interviews via email. — Editor]

I must ask. Are you watching this season of “The Bachelor”? Who do you think Brad Womack should choose?

I am watching, and doing recaps of the show each week on my site. I think Brad clicks best with Chantal O’Brien.

You wrote a book, which advises women about how to deal with a “tough guy” or “Code Man.” What defines a “Code Man”?

A “Code Man” is all about chivalry, pride, and accountability. You can find out more in the book.

Is being a “tough guy” actually a front for something else? How do tough guys show their sensitivity?

It’s not a front.  It’s more of a mentality.  Tough guys open up but only to those very special people or special girls in their lives. 

What have been some personal stumbling blocks in your love life?

I learned so much about myself from watching my seasons of “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor Pad.” I believe anyone would if you filmed yourself for 24 hours a day for a month and then watched it back. Opening up and telling a girl how I really feel about her is difficult for me. I’ve tried to overcome that by making a conscious effort to tell her when I am thinking about her and what. 

What’s the one thing a woman should never do on a first date? How about guys?

A woman should never talk about money the whole time and a man is an idiot if he doesn’t pay for dinner.

Thank you! I agree. Do you have any other dating dealbreakers?

Yeah. I can’t date a girl if she doesn’t think the movie “Talladega Nights” is funny!

Well, I guess we’ll never date. Any other dating advice you have for women?

I think women should start relationships out with brutal honesty and men will open up to them quicker.

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