Tacos The Downfall Of “Fat” Miss San Antonio Beauty Queen

Beauty pageants are brutal, yo: Pageant officials have stripped Domonique Ramirez, 17, of her Miss San Antonio beauty queen title and handed off the tiara to another girl because, among other violations, Ramirez reportedly got too fat from eating tacos.

The Miss Bexar County Organization stripped Ramirez of her crown recently for contract violations like failing to show up for events, taking modeling gigs not sanctioned by the pageant, and not writing thank you notes. Oh, sweetie, your job isn’t that hard. She sued and the pageant filed a countersuit, itemizing the list of contract violations, which included her failure to maintain the same weight she was when she won the pageant. Domonique Ramirez clocks in at 5’8″ and 129 lbs, the porker! While testifying on the stand over the past week, Ramirez said she was told by pageant officials she had to lose 13 lbs.Miss Bexar County Organization sought to strip Ramirez of her title and appoint Ashley Dixon, 21, as Miss San Antonio in her place. Ramirez sought an injunction, but on Wednesday a judge ruled against the de-throned beauty queen. Dixon was crowned the new Miss San Antonio right there in the courtroom and will serve until a trial in March.

While I may not like beauty contests as a concept or the weight requirements of the contract in particular, it does sound like Domonique Ramirez losing her title over the various contract violations she is accused of is fair. That’s the kind of lookism and sizeism that flourishes in a looks-based industry supported by a looks-based society.

But hopefully the new Miss San Antonio has seen “Drop Dead Gorgeous” and knows to watch her back!

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