New Couple Alert: Kathy Griffin And Isaiah Mustafa

It seems like just yesterday that we alerting you to the fact that Isaiah Mustafa, aka “The Old Spice Guy,” was dating Neve Campbell. But he has apparently moved on. Rumor has it that he is now with Kathy Griffin. Yes, I repeat, Kathy Griffin. Maybe he likes the way she mocks his towel on the red carpet? According to sources, these two have been casually seeing each other for months. “They are not boyfriend/girlfriend, but they are definitely spending time together and getting to know each other,” the source says.

We also hear reports that these two were touchy feely at an event this week, and that Isaiah visited Kathy on the set of “Glee.” Oh, and apparently in September, Kathy posted this photo of herself with Isaiah on Twitter along with the caption, “A gift from me 2 u. Here I am with the super hot Old Spice Guy. Feel free to photoshop ur face over mine.” Only we didn’t pay attention—mainly because she cried wolf with Levi Johnston. [PopEater]