Kellie Pickler Sells Her Wedding Video On iTunes. Trend Alert?

Pissed you weren’t invited to country singer and “American Idol” alumni Kellie Pickler’s wedding on January 1st? Never fear! You can now buy footage of the event on iTunes. In a new video called “Say I Do,” Kellie’s husband Kyle Jacobs sings, “Don’t need to see you in a wedding dress. I don’t need nothing but me and you.” Well, he also probably won’t mind the $1.99 folks will be paying to download the video.
As Kyle sings, footage from the couple’s big day starts off sepia toned and gets more vivid. Clips show the two arriving in Antigua, getting ready for the ceremony, exchanging vows, and then wading into the Caribbean water together.

I’m nervous about the precedent this is setting. First, stars started selling their wedding photos to tabloids and magazines. Then at the Grammys, Katy Perry projected her wedding footage on the big stage as she hung from a swing suspended from the ceiling. Is iTunes simply the next wave?

What do you think—would you like to purchase a star’s wedding video online, or is this something they should keep private?

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