South Dakota Bill Would Require “Crisis Pregnancy Center” Counseling Before An Abortion

South Dakota, will you stop f**king with us? Enough already! South Dakota’s House of Representatives has approved a bill requiring a woman seeking an abortion to be “counseled” first at a so-called “crisis pregnancy center.”

Proponents of the bill say they are trying to assess whether women are being forced to end a pregnancy, as a doctor would have to sign off that the abortion is “voluntary, uncoerced, and informed.” The bill, which refers to the woman as a “pregnant mother” (agenda, anyone?), requires the woman to have pre-abortion counseling and be informed what kind of help is available to them if they continue the pregnancy. The bill also requires the woman to wait 72 hours after first meeting with the doctor who’ll perform the abortion. That time period is what anti-abortion activists claim is giving women time to think, but in reality it makes scheduling the procedure more difficult for working women or women with children, as they have to go to not one appointment, but two. And considering the vast majority of counties in America do not have an abortion clinic, terminating a pregnancy can involve driving long distances in some parts of the country. Although all aspects of this bill are deplorable, I’m most concerned about the pre-abortion counseling. So-called “crisis pregnancy centers” are not neutral facilities; hell, they are not even medical facilities. A CPC was filmed in the HBO documentary “12th & Delaware” blatantly lying to women about how far along they are in the pregnancy and what an abortion entails. And according to the liberal politics blog Talking Points Memo, these are the people who will supposedly inform women what kind of “education, counseling, and other assistance” are available if she carries the pregnancy to term and any “risk factors” associated with an abortion.

Be afraid, ladies. Be very afraid. If a bill that interferes so much with a woman’s private medical decision to have an abortion can progress this far in South Dakota’s legislature (it is now headed to the state Senate), what else could happen?

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