Ask The Mega Man Panel: Strapless Jumpsuit

We’ve dissected wide-leg jeans and perspex heels; now we’re going to take on one of fashion’s most comfortable items — the one-piece jumpsuit. What’s not to love about a comfy, stretchy one-piece jumpsuit? Well, a lot of things, according to our man panel. We showed the MP this Karina Grimaldi knit strapless jumpsuit and got their off-the-cuff reactions. Read on to see what they think of your super-comfy sartorial choices. Logan, 27: The only thing that separates sweatpants from jumpsuits is a little bit class, a higher tax bracket, and a whole lot of denial. All in all, I don’t mind this outfit.

Skye, 26: Jumpers are just an excuse for women to wear the closest thing to their pajamas, out in public. These should come with footsies and a wedge heel.

Jason, 30: If I was involved in shady off-shore business dealings down in the Florida Keys, my lady would have a closet full of these sexy strapless jumpsuits. One for every occasion. One to wear poolside. One to wear while flushing evidence or shredding documents. One to wear out shopping. One to wear to my court hearing. Versatility is key.

Andrew, 40: I like this outfit, but only because I have a fetish for women that wear textiles that look like airport carpeting.

Blaise, 28: Wow. She looks like a budget Scarlett Johansson wearing a modified version of my great-aunt’s track suit on a big trip to Coney Island.

Andy, 30: It’s a hipster summer sweatsuit for girls.

Mike, 32: Basketball players have their breakaway tracksuits, now cougars can be nude in just one shimmy. And we all know whether the pool boy stays or goes can come down to one good shimmy.

Scott, 30: Perhaps I’m a freak, but this is actually sort of awesome. They’re like retro psychedelic pajamas … or what girls would wear in the most adorable mental asylum in the world.

Jesse, 33: Is this meant to be one of those magic eye paintings from the ’90s? Funny, because the image I’m seeing hidden in it is of you going home alone.

Jeff, 32: Why am I kind of into this? I think the fabric might resemble the upholstery of whatever I was sitting on when I had my first sexual stirrings. That’s just a guess. Whatever memory this jumpsuit is triggering, I can’t access it.

James, 29: A real crowdpleaser, though hard to imagine it on the dancefloor in the perspex heels.

Jeffery, 30: I work the door at clubs sometimes. People walk in wearing stuff like this and I wonder how annoying and expensive it is to have to take taxis everywhere because you’ll feel foolish walking around near regular people in a fancypants lady clown suit.

Gabriel, 35: Wow. I mean, pattern-wise, material, construction, there’s just nothing good here. If this comes in larger sizes, though, it could be good for a Early Bird Special Floridian Widow on the prowl. But just imagine the marks that waistband leaves in the flesh. I’m shivering.