15 (More) Benefits Of Great Sex

Sex is great. Obviously. But it also benefits your health in countless ways. Well, in seven major ways according to sexuality counselor, Ian Kerner. Studies show that a sexed up woman is younger looking, happier, and thinner, and has a good ticker, a longer life span, and a better immune system. Sign me up for this regular sex thing! Aside from these fabulous perks, there are countless others that keep us motivated to get busy. As if we needed more motivation. Some more benefits of the sex-making after the jump. [AOL]

  1. Eating pizza in bed without feeling guilty.
  2. You get to spend more time with your beloved waxing lady.
  3. A solid excuse to buy new sheets.
  4. Something to daydream about during boring meetings at work.
  5. The racket coming from your apartment annoys the neighbor you already hate.
  6. A valid reason to leave that annoying social function early.
  7. Finally putting your sexy underwear and yoga skills to good use.
  8. Nights without zit cream are happy nights.
  9. The reason you were looking for to skip your spinning classes.
  10. Motivation to keep your apartment spotless.
  11. A respite from online Scrabble and marathon Angry Birds sessions.
  12. A perfectly acceptable reason to spend all day in bed on Sunday without feeling like a lazy ass.
  13. Weekly pedicures no longer seem frivolous.
  14. The condoms that have been sitting in the drawer of your bedside table for way too long will finally be put to good use.
  15. A much needed night off from your grueling schedule of reality TV watching.
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