21 Reasons We’re Super Psyched For Spring

Spring, please don’t be a tease. The groundhog said you were just around the corner, so, I beg of you, don’t dilly-dally there for too long — we’re ready and waiting for all your bountiful gifts. Allow us to sing your praises! Here are the 21 reasons we’re super psyched for spring; add your own in the comments — maybe all the love will encourage spring to get here quicker?

  1. Iced coffee
  2. Peonies
  3. Bare legs
  4. Bright pedicures
  5. Open windows
  6. Cherries
  7. Denim jackets
  8. Outdoor happy hours
  9. Beer gardens
  10. Wedge sandals
  11. Bike rides
  12. Baby animals
  13. Busy dog parks
  14. Barbecues
  15. Rooftop/backyard parties
  16. Picnics
  17. Baseball
  18. Raging libidos
  19. Outdoor concerts
  20. Sundresses
  21. New albums from The Strokes, Beastie Boys, and Jay-Z/Kanye West
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